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Getting Started: Polymesh ITN

Running with the Bulls

Due to overwhelming demand, we’ve been experiencing delays in onboarding that may be longer than expected. If you’re in the backlog, sit tight! We’re working with our KYC provider as hard as possible to onboard everyone.

Running with the Bulls on Polymesh Incentivized Testnet (ITN) is now live! By participating in the ITN, users and node operators have the opportunity to complete challenges across Polymath UIs, earn points, and compete on the Running with the Bulls leaderboard with the potential to get rewarded in POLYX. 

To learn more about Running with the Bulls on the Polymesh ITN, go to the Polymath blog.

Getting Started: 

1. A few things you’ll need to get started: 

  • A computer with Internet access 
  • An up-to-date Google Chrome browser
  • An updated Polymesh Wallet with the network set to ITN. If you’ve already downloaded the Polymesh Wallet, make sure it is the most recent by following these steps.

2. Go to your Polymesh Wallet and create a key by selecting + Add Key. Follow the steps to create your Key, including saving your recovery phrase in a safe place. This will be the key where your ITN POLYX is held.

3. Go to the Running with the Bulls page to create an account and validate your identity through CDD partner Fractal. You'll need a government issued ID with a machine readable zone (like the bottom of your passport) and proof of residence. Fractal identity validation can take up to a few hours to process and will receive either email or sms verification once complete.

4. Once complete, follow the link in your Fractal "My Data" tab to complete onboarding and account creation.

5. Once your account has been created, you will receive 100,000 ITN POLYX in your wallet for use in Running with the Bulls. 

Note: ITN POLYX has no value and is used only for participation in the Polymesh ITN and Running with the Bulls only. See the Polymesh Testnet Terms of Service for more details.  


6. Participate in Running with the Bulls and earn points by completing challenges. New challenges will be posted frequently and can be found on the ITN Leaderboard in the Polymesh Dashboard.

Sign up to stay up to date on the latest Challenge Drops to earn more points. 

The following dApps are all available for testing during Polymesh ITN: 

  • The Polymesh Dashboard
    Manage everything related to your Polymesh Account, including keys, accounts, assets, and staking, all in one easy-to-use hub.
  • Token Studio on Polymesh
    A new and improved version of our Ethereum-based Token Studio but on Polymesh. In this first version, you can create your security token, manage the compliance of your token, and distribute freshly minted tokens to your investors.
  • Polymesh Governance
    The operating and governance structure to manage recommended changes from POLYX holders and protect against contentious forks. Submit Polymesh Improvement Proposals and see how on-chain governance will be implemented.

The purpose of an Incentivized Testnet is to encourage testing and usage with rewards. We want to learn about what works on Polymesh and what doesn’t, which means we want to hear from you! Let us know if you run into issues on ITN either through the Help button in the UIs or by emailing us.

If you’re interested in joining the Polymesh ITN as a node operator, contact us.