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Security tokens
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Polymath makes it easy to create, issue, and manage digital securities on the blockchain. 

Polymath is leading the security token revolution

With over 200 tokens deployed and over 20 with five or more tokenholders, we’ve built the infrastructure to make the integration of our technology simple and the issuance of security tokens easy.


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Solutions spanning the securities industry.

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A new offering for your clients

Our white label solution lets you bring the benefits of security tokens to your clients. Polymath provides the foundational infrastructure unlocking security token creation, issuance, and management directly on the blockchain.

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Issue with Polymath

Easily create, issue, and manage your regulation-aware security token powered by smart contract technology.

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Gain access to Polymath users by joining our ecosystem of KYC/AML, exchange, advisory, legal, and marketing service providers.

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We searched the globe and selected Polymath to be our tokenization platform because the people are great and know what they are doing. From our first Blockchain conference, the team was extremely helpful in breaking down the process to me in a simple way, without the technical jargon you often find in blockchain. We still remain with Polymath because their innovation continues to grow with our needs. It’s awesome that I can spend my time on business development, knowing Polymath is focused on building next level technology relevant for our success.
Ed Nwokedi
CEO and Founder
RedSwan CRE Marketplace
Participating in the Polymesh testnet has been a smooth experience. We have run an operator node as a custodian and have found the integration into our standard blockchain environment straightforward. The institutional focus of the blockchain is apparent from the enterprise features included with the provided build documentation. Features such as external and internal blockchain nodes providing a DMZ are part of the standard deployment model and do not have to be engineered from scratch. HA features with node failover are likewise already engineered. We look forward to ongoing involvement with this promising approach to resolving institutional challenges with security tokens on public blockchains.
James Byrne
Chief Technical Officer
Polymath are the industry leaders in security tokens. When we originally considered utilizing security tokens for our business, we wanted to be quick to market, which means not having to build every piece of the puzzle from scratch. Polymath has excellent technical documentation, and with their white label program, our engineering team can reach out for technical questions and assistance anytime.
Phil Eagleton
Chief Technology Officer
Why Polymath

Fundraise with the world's most simple tokenization technology

At Polymath, we relentlessly focus on the technological backbone for security tokens. Whether issuing directly through the Polymath Token Studio or integrating our broker-dealer toolkit into your offering, Polymath makes is easy for anyone to launch security tokens.

Open source.

Transparency is at the core of all Polymath products.


Leading in the creation of ERC1400, the Security Token Standard, Polymath is driving industry-wide security token adoption. Learn more ->


Build tokens your way, for your jurisdiction(s). Polymath modules let you customize your offering, manage your token, and provide corporate actions.


Smart contracts mean programmably enforced jurisdictional regulations are built into your security tokens. 


Polymath provides an end-to-end security token solution that works no matter your role in the security token journey. With our white label solution, broker-dealers can integrate our technology into their platform, bringing security tokens to their clients. And with the Polymath Token Studio, issuers can configure, issue, and manage their tokens all in one place.


Coming Soon

With the Polymesh Blockchain Initiative, we’re exploring and researching a layer one blockchain built specifically for security tokens. Learn more ->

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