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Leadership Team

Polymath is growing!

We are pleased to introduce our leadership team — we look forward to sharing new plans as we move forward as a company.

Under the guidance of CEO Vince Kadar, Polymath is working to deliver an innovative and evolutionary software platform for a new generation of capital markets — a platform built on Polymath’s founding principles and technology. 

With its established legacy in developing Polymesh, an institutional-grade open-source blockchain built specifically for regulated assets, Polymath is rooted in technical expertise and is positioning itself as a leader in the new era in fintech and defi, helping businesses build on their success. Polymath corporate headquarters are located in Toronto, ON Canada, with employees and customers around the globe.

Vincent Kadar, Chief Executive Officer

Vincent guides the growth of Polymath, delivering an innovative and evolutionary software platform for a new generation of capital markets, leaning on his successful 25 years of start-up and scale up experience in financial software and services, as well as telecom software. Prior to Polymath, Vincent was the CEO of Telepin Software Systems Inc, a fintech software company providing a disruptive digital wallet and payments platform for developed and emerging markets globally (acquired by Constellation Software Inc. (TSX:CSU). He has also held CTO and founding positions at Airwide Solutions, a software provider in mobile messaging and security software for the telecoms industry (acquired by Mavenir). Vincent is also a member of the Governing Council of the Polymesh Association, an institutional–grade permissioned blockchain built specifically for regulated assets.

“Blockchain technology holds tremendous promise to bring in a new era of transparency, accountability, protection, and efficiency in business. We are working to deliver an institutional-grade end-to-end platform that realizes the potential of real world assets represented as security tokens and operated through smart contracts”

Melanie Pump, Chief Financial Officer

Melanie leads finance, HR and compliance for Polymath Research. She ensures the organization has best-in-class financial and corporate governance infrastructure to meet the needs of the market and achieve sustainable growth.

Prior to Polymath, Melanie was the CFO of Brane Inc., a technology service provider for digital asset custody. In addition to other senior finance roles, she also served as the CFO of Incognito Software Systems, a global telecom software provider (acquired by Constellation Software Inc. (TSX:CSU). Melanie is also on the boards of Brane Trust Company and Mobio Technologies (TSX-V:MBO). 

“What excites me about the work we do at Polymath is that it’s more than just fintech, more than just digitization of assets. It’s the convergence of industries, and the unmatched opportunities that exist to help people grow wealth now and in the future.”

Joanne Kiskis, Head of Marketing

Joanne is a highly effective marketing executive with over 20 years of experience in developing and executing strategic, integrated marketing plans resulting in maximized demand generation, market awareness, and tangible ROI contribution. She excels in stakeholder consensus building, leading inter-departmental initiatives from high-level business concept to tangible working and system level implementation. Among her many accomplishments, Joanne successfully led and executed an $800,000 web seminar program responsible for having influence on an average of $18 million in business per year. Additionally, she is an experienced program developer, effectively managing dozens of product releases from a marketing perspective. 

“We are uniquely positioned to provide a platform that makes investing in securities accessible to all. Polymath is leading the charge in this space, and it’s exciting to be part of the transformation of an industry.” 

Adam White, Head of Engineering

Adam White is a senior R&D leader and product builder with 20 years of experience in commercializing medTech, SaaS, and IT infrastructure products. He has held senior roles in all aspects of engineering, product development and project management. His main focus is helping Series A-D organizations grow their people, products and process. Working with or as part of the executive team has provided him the opportunity to participate in explosive company growth, acquisitions and technology transitions. A notable success is being a part of PlateSpin, a company that went from bankruptcy to a $204 million exit in 2008.

I really enjoy unveiling the mystery of complex topics and using my experience to help build teams that can execute and deliver. At Polymath, we are throwing back the curtain on what has long been out of reach for many, and delivering on our promise to bring more accessibility and inclusivity to our industry.” 

Brian D. Sawyer, Head of Product Strategy

Brian has led successful national and international blockchain-based startups over the past four years, and these deep relationships have given him unique insight into market trends and objectives. He has functioned as an interim C-suite executive within numerous mid-sized companies, gaining broad operational, financial and technical experience. He has done extensive R&D and product design for many Silicon Valley technology firms. Brian holds a Master’s Degree in both Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering. 

“Delivering high quality, innovative products is at the core of everything I do. At Polymath, this starts with understanding the issues that our customers face every day, and building products that provide solutions and exceed expectations.” 

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