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/ Raise capital your way.

Craving an alternative solution to create liquidity?

Digitize your real world assets with the Polymath Capital Platform and:
• mint tokens;
• manage investors;
• raise funds.
All enabled in a platform purpose built for regulatory environments.

We make smart digital investments easy — all in one platform.

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 A screenshot of the Polymath platform
RedSwan CEO Ed Nwokedi

We searched the globe and selected Polymath to be our tokenization platform because the people are great and know what they are doing. From our first Blockchain conference, the team was extremely helpful in breaking down the process to me in a simple way, without the technical jargon you often find in blockchain. We still remain with Polymath because their innovation continues to grow with our needs. It’s awesome that I can spend my time on business development, knowing Polymath is focused on building next level technology relevant for our success.

Ed Nwokedi, CEO and Founder
RedSwan CRE Marketplace
RedSwan CEO Ed Nwokedi

Traditional investment banking processes can be made much more efficient by leveraging modern technology like blockchain, but it needs to be optimized for the financial industry in order to comply with regulatory requirements. Polymesh is unique as a blockchain optimized for regulated markets and assets, and its technology and infrastructure have immense potential to improve the efficiency of traditional investment banking processes.

James Row, Managing Partner
RedSwan CEO Ed Nwokedi

Participating in the Polymesh testnet has been a smooth experience. We have run an operator node as a custodian and have found the integration into our standard blockchain environment straightforward. The institutional focus of the blockchain is apparent from the enterprise features included with the provided build documentation. Features such as external and internal blockchain nodes providing a DMZ are part of the standard deployment model and do not have to be engineered from scratch. HA features with node failover are likewise already engineered. We look forward to ongoing involvement with this promising approach to resolving institutional challenges with security tokens on public blockchains.

James Byrne , CTO
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Why Polymath

Driving efficient capital markets

We relentlessly focus on the technological backbone for security tokens. Whether configuring tokens using the Polymath Token Studio or integrating our broker-dealer toolkit into your offering, Polymath’s technology brings efficiency and transparency to security token management.

open source

Open source.

Transparency is at the core of all Polymath products.

standardized ERC1400


ERC1400 standard ensures the token’s code meets specific requirements in order to minimize technical due diligence. Learn more ->



Build offers your way, for your jurisdictions. Polymath modules let you customize your offering, manage your team, and provide corporate actions.



Polymath lets issuers set rules around who can hold their token, how it can be transferred and other jurisdictional requirements. From there, the system will automate rule enforcement. 

end to end


Polymath’s self-serve token creation and management technology integrates smoothly with a large ecosystem of custodians, broker-dealers, legal firms, cap table management providers, token sale platforms, KYC/AML providers and others so that issuers can create a bespoke end-to-end solution.



Polymesh is an institutional-grade blockchain built specifically for security tokens that solves the inherent challenges with public infrastructure around identity, compliance, confidentiality, and governance. Learn more ->

Introducing the Polymath Capital Platform

Polymath makes smart digital investments easy — all in one platform.


The latest from Polymath

Look no further for Polymath’s progress in the market, the latest news and updates.

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