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Polymath Capital Platform

One institutional-grade platform to digitize real-world assets represented as security tokens and operated through smart contracts.

One platform powering a smart future.

Polymath developed the open-source code for Polymesh,
an institutional-grade blockchain built specifically for regulated assets.
The Polymath Capital Platform works on the Polymesh blockchain, providing extensive security benefits to platform users — benefits that are not available with just any solution.

Raise capital your way.

Polymath's white label platform can fit your yield strategy and process, whatever it may be.

Raise capital: from creating an offer, setting up yield strategy and process, token issuance, assembling an expert team, to attracting investors, managing your current and future digital portfolios, exposure to key ecosystems, and ultimately, opening up businesses for growth.

With its established legacy in developing Polymesh, an institutional-grade open-source blockchain built specifically for regulated assets, Polymath is rooted in technical expertise and is a leader in the new era in fintech and defi, helping businesses build on their success.

Why did we develop a full-stack platform?

For regulated environments, there are few solutions to provide ways for asset owners to raise capital using real world or physical assets, represent them as security tokens, create offers, manage the teams involved, and invite investors to participate — all in one platform.

The platform is for everyone.

The platform is for asset owners, their strategy and process team as well as their investors — everyone can access the instance of the platform:

Asset owners

Create and issue tokens, establish the yield strategy, identify your share classes, create cap tables, build the offers, assemble your partners, apply KYC/KYB restrictions, all while toggling features and access points that are right for you and your team — as well as analyze and report.

Advisory team

Right from the beginning of the process, and along through the lifecycle of your offer — you are in all in this together. Whether your team is made up of any combo of legal counsel, compliance or advisory partners, you can share details, collaborate, access cap tables as well as pertinent documents.


By invitation only, or by wide promotion, investors can browse and choose to participate in those offers which are suitable to them, considering KYC/KYB, accreditation, jurisdiction and any other constraints that fit your strategy.

Fully-featured and ready to go — you decide what works.

The Polymath Capital Platform is ready for action as soon as you need it.

Use this end-to-end platform from fund raising through to investor management for the lifecycle duration of your offers, as well as specify functionality and governance as you see fit:

integrated client solutions


Create one offer or multiple offers — one company can have multiple offerings, which means you can specify different access levels within investor groups, that suit your strategy.

industry-wide compatibility

Cap table management

Easily set up the initial cap table prior to fund raise, including the number of shares and share classes. You can manage the cap table and draw reports throughout the lifecycle of your offer, as well as share this with your advisory team.

access to trusted service providers


We work with trusted KYC/AML, regulatory advisors and custodians to help provide a secure experience for your investors, regardless of your strategy.

ownership of branded experience

Corporate governance

Adapt the instance of the platform to your corporate actions and governance requirements. From voting distribution, investor management, and inter-team communications, decide what works for you.

ongoing regulatory compliance


Efficient user profile creation from registration to complying with KYC/KYB  — set up criteria and apply this to your offer and invited investors.

ongoing regulatory compliance


Ensure that your investors are qualified for your jurisdiction — set up requirements and have them actioned as well as recorded and stored inside the platform, for access by you and your advisory team.

Begin your digital asset journey on the Polymath Capital Platform

Work with Polymath to raise capital and bring digital asset capability to your clients and investors.