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Creating an Account in the Polymesh Wallet Extension

1. Click on the Wallet Extension in the browser to open the Polymesh Wallet Extension. Click on the “+” symbol in the top right corner and then on the “ + Create new account (root or derived).”

2. You will then move on to the “Add new account: ½” screen. Here it is important that you deselect the “Derive new account from existing” checkbox.

Once you do that the blue button at the bottom of the extension will change to “Create account from new seed”. Click on the button to continue.

4. Follow the rest of the instructions on the following screen. Be sure to copy your mnemonic! Confirm you have copied by clicking the “I have saved my mnemonic seed safely” checkbox and then click on the blue “Next step”.

5. Choose a name for the account and set a password. When you have entered both, click on the “Add the account with the generated seed” bottom at the bottom of the extension.

Note: the “password” field does not appear until an account name at least 3 characters long has been entered.  Similarly the “repeat password” field does not appear until a password greater than 5 characters has been entered.