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Polymesh Testnet

Getting Started

Polymesh Testnet II: Alcyone is here!

The Polymesh blockchain was announced just a bit over a year ago at one of the largest blockchain conferences in the world. Since then, our team has been working tirelessly on developing a blockchain that supports the needs of capital management, distribution and raising; in other words, a blockchain designed for financial securities.

As a result, we have a functioning blockchain. In fact, it’s been functioning for over a month. You, the users of Polymesh, can look at our open github and read through the lines of code that explains how to bridge POLY on Ethereum to POLYX, how to set up your Polymesh identity, or how to configure and mint a security token. But what does it mean to have a functioning chain if it’s not easy to use? The code is proudly and meticulously written by our team, but for many users it’s not an effective or reasonable way to test. 

That’s why we’re proud to introduce the first set of Polymesh tools and products that give you an easy way to access the chain, and let you take full advantage of Polymesh.

How to Test

 In order to use these tools and products, you’ll need a few things:

There are 5 tools that let you access the Polymesh testnet:

  1. The POLY to POLYX Upgrade Bridge
    A tool to help you upgrade your POLY on Ethereum to POLYX on Polymesh. POLYX is the protocol token of the Polymesh blockchain, used for network processing fees, protocol fees for using network modules, and block rewards.

  2. The identity verification platform
    A tool you’ll be directed to from the bridge to verify your identity on Polymesh. Note that in the Polymesh testnet, this will be an expedited process.
  3. The Polymesh Dashboard
    Manage everything related Polymesh ID, including keys, accounts, and assets, all in one easy-to-use hub.
  4. Token Studio on Polymesh
    A new and improved version of our Ethereum-based Token Studio but on Polymesh. In this first version, you can create your security token, manage the compliance of your token, and distribute freshly minted tokens to your investors.
  5. Polymesh Governance
    The operating and governance structure to manage recommended changes from POLYX holders and protect against contentious forks. Submit Polymesh Improvement Proposals and see how on-chain governance will be implemented.

Begin by downloading the wallet extension and following the instructions in the wallet to create your account.* Once you set up this account, make your way to The POLY to POLYX Upgrade Bridge to kick-start testing.

Learn more about using the Polymesh Testing Wallet to see your holdings of Polymesh-based assets, and send and receive assets.

Providing Feedback

As excited as we are to release the first wave of tools and products on Polymesh, we’re most excited to hear your thoughts on what we’ve built. There are a few ways for you to give us feedback:

A simple way to provide feedback is by filling out the quick survey that will pop-up at the bottom of the screen after you complete different actions in the POLY to POLYX Upgrade Bridge and the Polymesh Token Studio.

Additionally, in each tool, you will find a “Help” button on the bottom right of each page where you can submit any feedback or questions. Our goal will be to reply to all appropriate messages within a reasonable time-frame.

And finally, you can always email us your comments and questions here.

There’s much more to expect from Polymesh in the coming months. We’ll be releasing updates with features addressing governance, staking, and much more. To stay up to speed on what’s available for testing, join the Polymath Beta Testing Community.

*If you participated in our developer preview or Aldebaran Testnet, you can continue using that wallet, or import from a pre-existing seed into the Polymesh Testing Wallet. If you've used the Aldebaran Testing Wallet, it will update automatically to the Polymesh Testing Wallet.