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Why a transaction may fail

There are a few reasons why a transaction may fail on Polymesh. Let’s cover the most common reasons why and what to do if you encounter them.

Insufficient balance

The most common reason a transaction may fail is because of an insufficient POLYX balance to pay the network or protocol fees. Every transaction you make on Polymesh costs the operators of the blockchain computational resources to process, hence you’re charged network fees. Protocol fees are fees Polymesh will charge for value-added services on the blockchain, such as ticker reservation and token configuration features. If you end up running out of POLYX and are given an insufficient balance error, there are a couple of ways to top up your account.

  1. Go through the bridge process at https://polybridge.polymesh.live/

All you need to do is upgrade POLY from Ethereum to POLYX on Polymesh. You will need Kovan ETH and Kovan POLY for this upgrade. You can get Kovan ETH using this faucet and we will deposit some Kovan POLY into your MetaMask account when you go through the Bridge process. 

  1. Transfer POLYX from another account at dashboard.polymesh.live

If you have POLYX in another Polymesh address, you can transfer your POLYX using the dashboard above. Simply log in by selecting the key you wish to transfer POLYX from in your wallet extension.

Missing a valid ID

If you have not yet validated your identity on Polymesh, you will have to do so before you can make any transactions. You will need to go through the Polymesh identity onboarding process at https://polybridge.polymesh.live/cdd

If you go through the POLY to POLYX Upgrade Bridge with a Polymesh address that doesn’t have a ID, you will be directed to the identity onboarding process. 

Missing a valid attestation

If you’re trying to send security tokens to another ID, the receiving user must have the necessary attestations attached to their ID to match the compliance rules of the token. Only the approved attestation provider for the token may add these attestations to the ID receiving security tokens. If you are the issuer of the token, you can add the missing attestations to an ID using https://tokenstudio.polymesh.live.  

Bad attestations

A less common but possible error a user could encounter is a “bad attestation” error. Bad attestations typically mean there’s either a bug, or you entered malformed data. The best thing to do in this scenario would be to take screenshots of what you’re trying to do and the error you’re encountering and send them to us via the “Help” button in the bottom right of your screen.